Matchplay Knockouts


There are 3 Gents Knockout Championships. Click on the links below to view schedules and results. Please note that Round Scheduled dates are when matches MUST be played by. These dates will be finalised once the number of entrants are known.


AP Jess - Better Ball 

Currie Cup - Foresomes 

Tipping Turner - Singles 


There is  1 Mixed Knockout Championships. Click on the link below to view schedule and results.

Muir Salver - Mixed



1. The Challenger(s) is (are) the first named person (pair) in any round.

2. Challenger(s) send an EMAIL to their next opponent(s) immediately after the date they won the tie. If the next opponent(s) match is not complete, the winner should send an email to both opponents. If EMAIL is not possible, a challenge MUST be made by phoning the opponent(s).  (Please keep your email as proof of challenge, in case of any dispute)

3.  Contact details are in the MEMBERS, MEMBERS DETAILS section. You must log-in first to access this section.

4. A challenge MUST be made NO LATER THAN 3 days into the next challenge period, or the tie could be forfeited.



1. The Challenger email MUST contain:

a. The words GOLF CHALLENGE in the Subject.

b. Have 3 challenge dates / times, including one weekend and one weekday date / time.

c. At least one week between the first and last challenge dates.

d. Unless by mutual agreement, FIVE days between the email date and first challenge date.

e. The email must include the Challenger’s contact email and phone number.

2. Unless by mutual agreement,

a. Weekday challenge times must be after 17.00.

b. Weekend challenge must be after 09.00.



1. Opponent(s) accept the challenge by replying to the challenger’s email with the date and time they accept. Opponents SHOULD also call the Challenger to confirm.

2. The Challenger MUST call the pro-shop and reserve the accepted challenge date / time on the tee sheet. If the specific time is not available, the pro-shop will priorities and get a time as close as possible. Booking a tee time is only possible on the APP if the date is within 15 days of the tie.

3. Challenges SHOULD be accepted promptly BUT NO LATER than 48 hours prior to the accepted date.



1. The winner(s) of the tie is (are) responsible for recording the result. The result must be emailed to Match & Handicapping - click this link M&H - and also update on the changing room scoreboard.  The EMAIL from the winners should contain:

a. The words MATCH PLAY RESULT in the Subject.

b. Include match names Challenger(s)/Opponent(s)

c. The result and win margin (e.g. 3 & 2)

2. Once updated by M&H the results will be visible on Gourock Golf Club Website, click on any of the Knockout links above to view.

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